New Products from JSP: Harnesses and Lanyards

We've introduced new harnesses and lanyards by JSP to our web site.

The K2 fall arrest lanyards that we stock including the 'Twin Tail lanyard' and the 'Captive lanyard' come with the energy absorbtion feature incorporated within their core. Because they don't require an extra energy absorbtion pack they are lighter in weight and are ideal for use in conditions where there may be trip hazards. The elastic nature of these lanyards reduce the effective lengths of the lanyard. In addition, we now stock the '2 metre Lightweight Retractable Fall Limiter'. This weighs less than 600g, making it the lightest in its class in the world .

We are also now stocking the 'Pro-Fit 2-Point Harness' which is designed to move with the user and with 2-points of attachment, this harness appeals to everyone. It is fully elasticated, lightweight and versatile and adaptable and has been designed for the person that requires value, style and comfort, all of which have been harnesses together in one product. 



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