PLB Personal locator beacon.

See in the weekend papers there was an article about ramblers getting lost either due to poor map reading kills or relying on smart phones. Once their GPS enabled phone battery dies they lose their position and can not then make a call for help. This is where the ResQlink we stock comes into its own. Using satellite technology it quickly alerts the rescue services to your exact location and also emits a homing signal ensuring they get to you quickly. Not only does this help save lives but it also saves the rescuers time searching large areas of land. 

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3/12/2012 8:31:13 PM


In today's newspapers and on Radio 5 live there was a piece about the rescue of a West Yorkshire man injured whilst fishing in the wilderness in New Zealand. He alerted the rescue services by activating his PLB Personal locator beacon which is just like the ResQlink we sell. This signal was beamed to a satellite and picked at the receiving station at RAF Kinross nol less some 11,000 miles away. Just shows how valuable these small and relatively inexpensive devices can prove to be for anyone involved in outdoor activities in remote locations particularly when solo.


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