New Product: Telescopic Boat Hook

We have added the 'Telescopic 2.1m extended 1.2m Closed Boat Hook' to our extensive range of products. This is a heavy duty, quality boat hook made from silver anodised aluminium tubing featuring a locking system. This is the hook designed to protect your boat.    



We can supply lifebuoys housings in custom colours such as Green for Golf courses, Country parks etc. and Black which we did for a major Cruise line to match their company colours. Click for for more information



We are proud to announce that we have recently supplied a number of Liferings - Lifebuoys and Lifebuoy housings to be situated along the river Lea flowing through the Olympic village. We have also sold over 2500 bottles of Spirigel Alcohol hand gel to one of the official Olympic transport companies. We wish team GB every success.


PLB Personal locator beacon.

See in the weekend papers there was an article about ramblers getting lost either due to poor map reading kills or relying on smart phones. Once their GPS enabled phone battery dies they lose their position and can not then make a call for help. This is where the ResQlink we stock comes into its own. Using satellite technology it quickly alerts the rescue services to your exact location and also emits a homing signal ensuring they get to you quickly. Not only does this help save lives but it also saves the rescuers time searching large areas of land. 


Aspli Lifejackets spotted in new film

Spotted our Aspli 403 Hybrid lifejackets in a trailer for a new film starring Ewan McGregor and Emily Blunt called Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Hopefully the movie will show them in more detail as you can really only see the backs of them some 46 secs into the trailer. This jacket was developed by us especialy for the fish farming sector and is used by the 3 biggest players in the industry and many more besides. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGb4OT3Oiew 


Lower prices on Lifebuoy Housings

We are pleased to announce that we have worked in conjunction with the moulders to significantly reduce the prices of both the 24 inch and 30" range of Lifebuoy housings.


DRY SUITS, Heavy Duty, Breathable and Solas models.

We are pleased to announce that we have added a range of industrial Typhoon Dry suits to our range of water safety equipment. There are three versions:- Heavy Duty Nylon, Breathable and Solas approved. The Heavy Duty and Breathable versions are fitted with steel toe and midsole wellies as standard and the Solas version has in bulit socks. View drysuits


As seen on TV

We were proud to see one of our own design lifejackets, the ASPLI A36 being worn on Autumnwatch recently by an employee of ESB the Irish Electicity Supply Board. An old and valued customer of Aspli we have been supplying their aquaculture division for many years. We have been supplying the aquaculture industry for many years and one of our products was on show in a Christmas advert featuring a well known Chef for one of the UK's biggest supermarkets.


Lifebuoy Housings for new Port in Oman

We have recently supplied over 100 Lifebuoy housings for a new Port in Oman. The customer had some specific requirements in terms of size of lifebuoy/ approvals which using our years of experience and knowledge were able to source for them. Also due to the location being in a monsoon area we had to ensure that the housings could withstand the battering from the winds etc.