Chapter 8 Road Work Sign Sets

We are now selling the Chapter 8 Road Works Signs in Sets for your convenience, including the 'Traffic sign set' and the 'Cone sign set'. This offers a 10% saving over purchasing the signs individually.


New and improved: Telescopic Road Cone by Polymer

This new 700mm high heavy duty pop up cone is designed and built to last. It features a self-weighted rubberised base for stability and durability. The cone is illuminated which choice of flashing or continous light, making it suitable for warning of construction at night. This also makes it ideal for temporary control situations on roads and breakdowns.   To purchase this now click here



We have just added the new sharpliner line-marking applicator adjustable line width to our extensive range of products. The four wheel applicators are ideal for marking car parks, factories, walkways, playgrounds, sports centres and warehouses with clean straight lines. The line widths are adjustable from 50mm to 100mm approximately.


Now In-Stock: Warrior LED 12V / 24V Magnetic Beacon Light Bars

We have just added the new Warrior LED 12V / 24V Beacons to our web site. This includes the: Magnetic Light Bar, Magnetic Twin Beacon Light Bar and the Magnetic Hi-Performance Single Beacon. All of these products can be easily fitted to the roof of your vehicle for highway and maintenance use. All of these products are CE Marked.   To View these products visit: 1. Magnetic Light Bar: http://www.aspli.com/prod…/…/led-magnetic-light-bar-12v--24v2. Magnetic Twin Beacon Light Bar: http://www.aspli.com/…/led-magnetic-twin-beacon-light-bar-1…3. Magnetic Hi-Performance Single Beacon: http://www.aspli.com/…/…/led-magnetic-single-beacon-12v--24v


Underground and Overhead Cable Markers - Verge Posts

We have added to our ever increasing range Underground cable and Overhead cable marker posts. These cable marker posts are for alerting to the dangers of buried or overhead cables, power lines etc. This flexible marker  - verge post is designed to be sunken into the ground. It is highly flexible and designed to springback if hit by machinery etc. They are Ideal for use on verges alongside roads with power lines running parallel to them or on Wind Farms, Solar farms etc. Custom versions available to special order. For more information click on the links or visit www.aspli.com  


Overhead Goal Posts - Strengthening the squad.

We have added a new range of overhead goal posts to our range. They are designed to be easily portable or stored having a detachable socket on the base. Each base is approx 18kg and has a strengthened collar with locking nut. The upright poles have also been beefed up and have metal end attachments to take the optional telescopic crossbar as pictured below. The standard set comes with red and white bunting.                                         The Highways Agency state that low structures should be highlighted by 1 metre Blue cones so we have also added a Danger Low Structure and a Danger Overhead Cable cone to our range.    



We have started supplying Overhead Cable warning systems, sometimes known as overhead power line goalposts - height restrictors. Each set comes with two heavy stable bases, two non conductive poles and bunting. Easily portable and can be erected by a single person.  There are various options available such as single post cantilever 'Hangman' style system commonly used on motorway hard shoulders, solid crossbars, illuminated cross bars etc. They are noramlly delivered in 1-2 days from stock. For more details click here