Waste Management and Recycling Gloves and HSE website

Aspli Safety are pleased to announce that they have added two new Hexarmor needlestick protection gloves to their range and soon Hexarmor will be launching a glove designed for waste sorting that can be warn beneath an outer glove thus keeping it clean and improving service life. Please note the HSE's Waste Management and Recycling website has been revised and updated Visit the website new features include: frequently asked questions and a new link from the main page to the Waste Industry Safety and Health (WISH) Forum.


New Products


New Evo Lite by JSP gives all day comfort

We are pleased to be stocking this exiting new helmet by JSP. Extremely lightweight yet strong the Evo Lite offers the wearer all day comfort and Safety.


Air Horn Eco Blast

We are pleased to announce we now have in stock the ECO Blast Air horns. These new and innovative signal air horns are refillable and are therefore eco friendly having no propellants, batteries etc. They are non corrosive and non toxic. 120dB loud signal can be heard up to a mile away.


Professional Torches

We are plaesed to announce we have added a range of Led Lenser torches and headlamps to our range to compliment the Atex safety torches from SA and the Unilite torches and lanterns we stock. Loaded with features and built from the finest materials these are exceptional products.


Anti-syringe Gloves In Stock

We are pleased to announce we have added an excellent value anti-syringe glove to our range. At under £50.00 as opposed to the £120 plus pounds you normally pay there is now no excuse not to have a pair if you are invloved in waste removal, sorting or recycling. The product code is 025245 and you can dowload a Data sheet giving more detailed specifications.


Black Hard Hats

We are pleased to announce we have added a Black hard hat to our range. The model that is available is the JSP Mark 111 prduct code 021113.