Underground and Overhead Cable Markers - Verge Posts

We have added to our ever increasing range Underground cable and Overhead cable marker posts. These cable marker posts are for alerting to the dangers of buried or overhead cables, power lines etc. This flexible marker  - verge post is designed to be sunken into the ground. It is highly flexible and designed to springback if hit by machinery etc. They are Ideal for use on verges alongside roads with power lines running parallel to them or on Wind Farms, Solar farms etc. Custom versions available to special order. For more information click on the links or visit www.aspli.com  


NEW: Moldex 9000 Full Face Mask and Moldex 7000 Half Mask

The 9000 series is a full-face mask with ABEK1P3 filters which comes in an aluminium bag, pre-assembled, ready for use. The multi purpose ABEK1 gas filters protects against organic gases and vapors, inorganic gases and vapors and also acid gases and ammonia. The P3 filter protects against radioactive particles, highly toxic metals, hard wood, as well as airborne biological substances and enzymes based on water and oil. This mask is extremely light weight - weighing only 360g and has a frame-less panoramic scratch resistant lens. We also stock a range of gas and particulate filters for this product. The 7000 series version is a half face mask however. Both masks are made of soft TPE material which is gentle on the skin. They are both extremely lightweight, comfortable, good quality and easy to maintain and handle. This mask is to be used with Moldex Easylock filters which can be found easily in the related products page on the web page.   - Moldex 9000 Series Full Face Mask ABEK1P3 ReadyPack - http://www.aspli.com/products/2373/moldex-9000-series-full-face-mask-abek1p3-readypack - Moldex 7000 Series Half Mask Reusable - http://www.aspli.com/products/2428/moldex-7000-series-half-mask-reusable  


NOW IN STOCK: Moldex Mellows Ear Plugs Station (500 Pairs)

This includes a dispenser cartridge which is recyclable and the plugs are comfortable, soft PU which are easy to insert. They are also PVC free. These ear plugs are for protection against lower noise levels, suitable if you are staff at music festivals for example! You can also get a wall bracket separately as an added extra which can be found below the ear plugs station in related products on our web site. Find them here: http://www.aspli.com/products/2430/moldex-mellows-ear-plugs-station-500-pairs-snr-22-db


NEW RANGE: YoungMan Ladders and Steps

We are now stocking an exiting range of YoungMan Ladders and Steps available to buy online. Whether trade, DIY or industrial use, Youngman offers a variety of ladders and steps for work at height solutions. We will be holding in stock their best sellers but their full range is available to special order. Please call: 0113 2461 550 for details.  



Hot summer ahead!! Keep yourself cool! We have you covered, with the new 3213 Holster Pocket Rip-Stop Trousers available in Black/Grey. You'll never overheat, due to the super-lightweight, yet durable rip-stop fabric. Or prefer a pair of shorts? We have the alternative 3023 shorts version available in Black and Khaki colours now online!   1. Snickers 3213 Trousers: http://www.aspli.com/…/snickers-3213-craftsmen-holster-pock…2. Snickers 3023 Shorts: http://www.aspli.com/…/snickers-3023-craftsmen-holster-pock…


JSP Stealth 16g Clear and Smoke Anti-Scratch Spectacles

We've just added two spectacles from the new JSP Stealth range to our web site. Both glasses weigh in at an amazing weight of 16g - making them the world's lightest safety spectacle to date. The lenses are ultra-thin and ultra-strong  as well as being optically perfect. With an integral nose bridge ensuring the glasses will fit your face shape comfortably and securely. At only £2.00 plus vat a pair, they are also light on your pocket! We have the Stealth 16g Clear Anti-Scratch Spectacle and the Stealth 16g Smoke Anti-Scratch Spectacle available.


Hexarmor 2090 Thin Lizzie Impact and Cut Resistant Glove

The new THIN LIZZIE 2090 Impact and Cut Resistance Glove is now available to purchase on our www.Hexarmor.co.uk web site. This knitted glove is very flexible, comfortable and form fitting. It is a high dexterity knitted glove with an abrasion resistant sandy nitrile palm grip. It also features the IR-X Impact Exoskeleton along the entire back of the hand to protect the hand from potential smash and pinch injuries. The glove also has a Cut level of 5 for extra protection!


Hexarmor Rig Lizard 2025 Impact and Cut Resistant Glove

Good Afternoon. We've just added the new RIG LIZARD TP-X+ PALM 2025 Glove to our specialist safety glove web site at www.hexarmor.co.uk. This glove now has a Cut level of 5 and was designed to provide you with maximum grip and dexterity without sacrificing protection. This is due to the excellent SuperFabric material on the palm. The IR-X Impact Exoskeleton protects the entire back of the hand from potential smash and pinch injuries.


Insulated wheelbarrow 90 litre

We are now supplying an insulated (non conductive) wheelbarrow. Ideal for working on the railways or for use by utilty companies. It is extremely tough having two 6mm skins made of polyethylene. Being heavy duty it is reinforced at stress points such as the handles and tipping bar. We are stocking Orange and Black but is available in a number of colours such as blue, green, pink etc. to order.  


New Products



We are pleased to announce we will be stocking a range of washroom and workshop paper products from Katrin. Katrin is a brand of the Metsa Tissue company. Metsä Tissue is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of tissue paper products in Europe and the market leader in the Nordic countries. In our range will be 3 grades of paper hand towels, Centrefeed rolls, Wiper rolls, Industrial toilet rolls and dispensers together with Foaming handwash. For more information visit: http://www.aspli.com/brands/124/1/katrin-paper-products