NEW: Fasana Coloured Catering Napkins (250 Pack)

The new' Fasana high quality large quarter fold paper napkins' are now avaliable on our web site in packs of 250. These napkins have large dimensions being 400mm X 400mm and are non-fading quarter fold with relief pattern border, supplied in strong attractive packaging, ensuring they arrive uncreased. This makes them ideal for any table setting and is a cost-effective solution for hotels, resturants, inns and mobile caterers. They are produced from sustainable FSC certified forests and are avaliable in a range of colours including: Buttercream, Jalapeno red and Emerald green.


New and Improved Footwear Products

We are now stocking the new and improved 'VR600 Bison S3 Safety Boot (Black)' in many sizes ranging from 3 - 13. This quality boot is lightweight, metal-free and with non snagging eyelets, it is created on a new last and has an improved shock absorbing footbed. It features an innovative IGS rubber sole unit which is ensures superb grip on all surfaces and increased cushioning underfoot.  We are also now stocking the new 'Steel Toe and Midsole Safety Wellington by Titan Wellies'. These wellies are wide fitting and feature a padded footbed laid over shock absorbing honeycomb heel section, providing all day comfort. As well as this, the footbead features a comfortable and breathable insole providing foot stability and freshness. The sole is a Red PVC/Nitrile rubber sole which has a reinforced midsection for digging. This welly is available in a range of sizes from 3 - 13.


New Products from JSP: Harnesses and Lanyards

We've introduced new harnesses and lanyards by JSP to our web site. The K2 fall arrest lanyards that we stock including the 'Twin Tail lanyard' and the 'Captive lanyard' come with the energy absorbtion feature incorporated within their core. Because they don't require an extra energy absorbtion pack they are lighter in weight and are ideal for use in conditions where there may be trip hazards. The elastic nature of these lanyards reduce the effective lengths of the lanyard. In addition, we now stock the '2 metre Lightweight Retractable Fall Limiter'. This weighs less than 600g, making it the lightest in its class in the world . We are also now stocking the 'Pro-Fit 2-Point Harness' which is designed to move with the user and with 2-points of attachment, this harness appeals to everyone. It is fully elasticated, lightweight and versatile and adaptable and has been designed for the person that requires value, style and comfort, all of which have been harnesses together in one product.     


New Product: Telescopic Boat Hook

We have added the 'Telescopic 2.1m extended 1.2m Closed Boat Hook' to our extensive range of products. This is a heavy duty, quality boat hook made from silver anodised aluminium tubing featuring a locking system. This is the hook designed to protect your boat.    


New and improved: Telescopic Road Cone by Polymer

This new 700mm high heavy duty pop up cone is designed and built to last. It features a self-weighted rubberised base for stability and durability. The cone is illuminated which choice of flashing or continous light, making it suitable for warning of construction at night. This also makes it ideal for temporary control situations on roads and breakdowns.   To purchase this now click here



We have just added the new sharpliner line-marking applicator adjustable line width to our extensive range of products. The four wheel applicators are ideal for marking car parks, factories, walkways, playgrounds, sports centres and warehouses with clean straight lines. The line widths are adjustable from 50mm to 100mm approximately.



We are proud to introduce the new JackBox Flood Barrier from Hesco to our evolving flood protection range, helping you to stay prepared and protected during periods of heavy downfall. This fantastic, innovative and cost effective product comes in two different sizes in either 20 or 30 feet. This product is easy to deploy and can hold back up to three feet of flood water. Hesco's concertainer technology brings military and environmental expertise, to deliver a lightweight, recyclable and rapidly deployable flood barrier, where 20 feet of the barrier can be erected by two people in under 20 minutes! Simply fill the units with either; earth, sand, gravel, crushed rock or other granular materials. Find out more about this great product now:http://www.aspli.com/…/jackbox-flood-barrier-20-foot-from-h…http://www.aspli.com/…/jackbox-flood-barrier-30-foot-from-h… YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkEb-Jvet9M  


NEW: EN 16615 Clean and Disinfect with Incidin Oxy

We have you covered with the new technology EN 16615 cleaner and disinfectant Incidin products from the experts at Ecolab. Both products include a new technology platform with the new Hi-speed Hydrogen Peroxide H2O2 technology which decomposes into water and oxygen in use - leaving no active residue on surfaces. It's powerful oxidizing action has been long known to kill germs without being harmful to the user or environment and with no strong odour, active residues or additional PPE required. This range includes the OxyFoam S Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Spray: http://www.aspli.com/…/incidin-oxyfoam--s-surface-disinfect… and the OxyWipe S Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant Wipe:http://www.aspli.com/…/incidin-oxywipe--s-surface-disinfect…



We are proud to now be stocking the new Nexa Dispensary product range from Ecolab. This includes the manual dispenser for Spirigel Complete and Seraman Soaps and also the Touch Free version. With this, there is the new Touchless Freestanding Dispenser which has an attractive, eye-catching design, ideal for front of house or reception areas. There are also lock and key packs available to make it tamper resistant. Of course, the spirigel complete hand gel and seraman soaps are available as a refill pack of six. Browse the Ecolab range now to ensure brilliant hygiene:http://www.aspli.com/brands/91/1/ecolab


Now In-Stock: Warrior LED 12V / 24V Magnetic Beacon Light Bars

We have just added the new Warrior LED 12V / 24V Beacons to our web site. This includes the: Magnetic Light Bar, Magnetic Twin Beacon Light Bar and the Magnetic Hi-Performance Single Beacon. All of these products can be easily fitted to the roof of your vehicle for highway and maintenance use. All of these products are CE Marked.   To View these products visit: 1. Magnetic Light Bar: http://www.aspli.com/prod…/…/led-magnetic-light-bar-12v--24v2. Magnetic Twin Beacon Light Bar: http://www.aspli.com/…/led-magnetic-twin-beacon-light-bar-1…3. Magnetic Hi-Performance Single Beacon: http://www.aspli.com/…/…/led-magnetic-single-beacon-12v--24v