Aspli now has its own You Tube channel. Tune in for demonstration videos such as the' hooker' in action or the ResQlink Personal Location Beacon demo. There are also instructional and product testing videos. 


HSE'S Woodworking website has been updated

HSE's Woodworking website has been revised and updated.  You can view the new website here. A new webpage - Getting Started - has been added to the woodworking website. This provides a quick checklist of the sort of things that HSE Inspectors look for when they visit woodworking premises.   A new link has also been added from the main page to the Health and safety made simple webpage.      Access it here. You can view the new website here. There is a new Focus On article on HSE's woodworking website following an incident on a chipper canter during maintenance at a sawmill. The incident highlighted that care is needed when considering the mode of operation for safety devices.  To find out more go to the Focus On Article. The new circular saw poster can now be downloaded from the Information Sheets page of the woodworking website Circular saw poster  




New BSI standard First Aid Kits

In recognising the need to ensure that workplace first aid provision is adequate and appropriate The British Healthcare Trade Association has been working with the British Standards Institute (BSI), to create a new British standard for first aid kits in the workplace. These enhanced kits are based upon the minimum requirements set out by the Health & Safety Executive in their approved code of practice. The contents of the kits take into account more modern and functional products encompassing a wider range of common workplace risks and are therefore more comprehensive than the current HSE kits. What are the key changes? Increased number of disposable gloves which are required to be nitrile Decreased number of Triangular Bandages as they are no longer used for the immobilisation of limb injuries Introduction of smaller dressings for finger injuries that are too large for plasters Introduction of adhesive tape to secure bandages without using safety pins Introduction of gel burn dressings and a conforming bandage to secure it Introduction of clothing cutters Introduction of an eyewash bottle for travel kits Introduction of a resuscitation face shield to provide protection for first aiders Introduction of the foil survival blanket to keep the casualty warm in cases of clinical shock The new British Standard kits will therefore represent best practice in workplace first aid provision whilst still being compliant with HSE guidelines. To view our range click here: workplace first aid kits


Professional Torches

We are plaesed to announce we have added a range of Led Lenser torches and headlamps to our range to compliment the Atex safety torches from SA and the Unilite torches and lanterns we stock. Loaded with features and built from the finest materials these are exceptional products.


Flu Sweeps Country

Fears virus has grown more virulent over last year NHS managers draw up emergency plans to tackle outbreak More than 300 flu victims are fighting for their lives in hospital, Government figures showed today. Data from the Department of Health for England revealed there are 302 flu patients in intensive care beds. It is unclear how many have the H1N1 'swine flu' strain but they are expected to be in the majority. The figure is therefore likely to be higher than the 190 confirmed hospital cases so far. ‘We’re only two weeks into it and we’re already seeing lots of patients. It has got the potential to get worse. Rates have increased quite rapidly over the past two weeks.'Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1340537/Swine-flu-winter-More-300-patients-intensive-care-flu.html#ixzz18mhVNypc