We are proud to introduce the new JackBox Flood Barrier from Hesco to our evolving flood protection range, helping you to stay prepared and protected during periods of heavy downfall. This fantastic, innovative and cost effective product comes in two different sizes in either 20 or 30 feet. This product is easy to deploy and can hold back up to three feet of flood water. Hesco's concertainer technology brings military and environmental expertise, to deliver a lightweight, recyclable and rapidly deployable flood barrier, where 20 feet of the barrier can be erected by two people in under 20 minutes! Simply fill the units with either; earth, sand, gravel, crushed rock or other granular materials. Find out more about this great product now:http://www.aspli.com/…/jackbox-flood-barrier-20-foot-from-h…http://www.aspli.com/…/jackbox-flood-barrier-30-foot-from-h… YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkEb-Jvet9M  


Tired of Shovelling S...! - GoBagger comes to the Rescue!

We are pleased to announce we are now the official UK distributor for Gobagger the sand bag filling tool. GoBagger® Scoop is a heavy-duty yet lightweight, manual sandbag filling tool that allows one person to fill sand bags unassisted and quickly. Until now if you wanted to fill sandbags during a flood emergency out in the field, it was a two man job...one to hold the bag and one to shovel the sand into the bag. It takes three to four shovel loads which is way too slow and tiring. GoBagger fills them up to 5 times faster! For more info or to buy click www.aspli.com/products/2196/gobagger-sand-bag-filling-tool-sandbag-scoop  



To compliment our standard sandbag we have added the Floodsax range of self inflating/ self filling sacks to our product list. Offering many advantages over traditional sandbags we have different pack sizes to suit commercial or domestic properties. Easy to transport to where they are needed you simply add water and they expand to form a firm heavy sack that can be stacked to make a flood barrier. They can also be used for soaking up flood water, or water from leaks such as burst pipes, leaking washing machines etc. Being biodegradable they can be sent for landfill after use. For emergencies there are 400 to a pallet as opposed to 80 traditionally filled sandbags so makes the logistics of shifting them so much easier. To buy or for more information click here or watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/user/ASPLISAFETY