We have added to our range the Razor Wire glove 5039 from Hexarmor. It offers excellent cut and puncture protection to the whole hand against the likes of razor wire, barbed wire and thorns from hawthorn bushes etc. This glove is similar to one used by the UK armed forces when dealing with razor wire whether it be friendly or foe! Cut and Puncture Protection is provided by Hexarmor SuperFabric yet glove offers incredible comfort and flexibility. Made from High quality split cow grain leather that will outlast your typical leather rigger gloves. They offer 360 degree Cut level 5 protection and level 4 punture protection making them ideal for handling Razor wire/ barbed wire or working with cables, metal, wood, glass. For more information visit: http://www.aspli.com/products/2107/hexarmor-5039-rigger-glove-cut-and-puncture-resistant